Client Mega Menu

Discover the Client Mega Menu in Power Diary, a quick access tool to view client information and navigate their profile efficiently with just two clicks.

Power Diary is an efficient and user-friendly client management software, rich with features. Knowing which features would be suitable to your processes and if there are easier ways to complete your tasks is invaluable for your efficiency. In this article, we will showcase the Client Mega Menu – a handy tool to access any part of a client's profile with just two clicks. 

In this article:

What is Client Mega Menu

Client Mega Menu is a pop-up menu that displays 

  • some of the client's Contact Information:
    - First and Preferred Names and Last Name,
    - Personal Pronouns and Identity,
    - Mobile phone number,
    - Date of birth
  • A quick button to start a new SMS to the client on the Messaging Panel;
  • List of hyperlinks to take you to a specific page in the Client Profile. 

Where to Find Client Mega Menu

The Client Mega Menu pops up when you click on the client's name, in the following locations in your account: