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Clarification: Power Diary Supports Psychologists - Across the Board

Power Diary’s mission is to “empower health practices to enhance the well-being of their owners, teams, and communities”, and with psychologists being our largest segment of practices, we are passionate about supporting all organisations that support psychologists.

We were proud to recently promote a major new sponsorship arrangement with the AAPi (Australian Association of Psychologists Inc), however it has come to our attention that our original announcement included a miscommunication stating that they are “the leading… body” in this domain when it should have read “a leading… body” instead. Normally, a one-word error wouldn’t be worth dwelling on, but in this case, we’re aware of the sensitive background in this space, and so we wanted to offer some clarification.

Power Diary has various partnerships and commercial agreements with many organisations that support health practices. These are all non-exclusive, and we do not assess the relative merits of organisations that might operate in the same industry.

It is also worth noting that Power Diary has also had a long-standing relationship with the APS (Australia Psychological Society), having advertised with them for many years. In fact, our co-founder, Damien Adler, is a member of both the APS and AAPi and knows first-hand that they both provide invaluable, but different, support to Australian psychologists. Our announcement was not intended to make any assessment of the comparative merits of these associations. 

We apologise for any confusion this may have caused.