Changing Your Power Diary Plan

View and update your Power Diary subscription plan in your account settings, any time.

You can view and change your current Power Diary subscription plan via the Settings > Subscription menu:

Google chrome Workflow - Step 2 (11)

    1. On the subscription page, you can see your current plan information. If you wish to change the subscription plan, click the 'Change Plan' button:Google chrome Workflow - Step 3 (11)

    2. Read the information carefully. Click the 'See plan inclusions' link for more details:

    Google chrome Workflow - Step 5 (6)

    3. When you are ready, click the 'Change Plan' button:

    Google chrome Workflow - Step 4 (3)

    4. Your subscription page will be automatically updated with the new current plan information:

    Google chrome Workflow - Step 7 (5)

    Hint 💡

    You can view more information on our advertised plans and pricing here.