Changing my Email Address

Discover where email addresses are configured in Power Diary. Learn to update emails in business information, locations, communication settings, practitioner profiles, user profiles, and more.

There are various areas where email addresses are entered into the system. Below is where you can find each of them.

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Business Information

The first you can find in your Business Information settings. This can be found by going to Settings → Configuration → Business Information.


The next place you will find a field for Emails is in the Location settings for each of your physical locations which also edits the details printed on each invoice. These can be found by going to Settings → Configuration → Locations → Select Specific Location.


Another place you will find this is in the Communication settings within your site. You can find this by going to  Settings → Configuration → Communication.


You will also find the Email listed under each specific Practitioner as well. This can be found by going to  Settings → Practitioners → Select Specific Practitioner  → Details.

User Email

Another place you will find the email address field is within each User Profile. If you used an email address that is no longer accessible when creating your user, you can use the methods below to update the email used to login. 

  • Click on the account business name at the top-right and select Profile. In the window that opens, update the email address and save:
  • If you have access to the Settings menu, you can update user email by going to  Settings → Users → Select Specific User



Changing the user email will also change the email that you use to login.

Additional Information

  • Email communication templates require a From email address to be entered, so it is worth reviewing your email templates in Tools > Communication > Templates
  • Power Diary allows to use additional email addresses to send notifications when an online form is submitted by a client. You can check those emails in Tools > Form Designer by reviewing your existing online form templates. 
  • Power Diary Client Portal allows to nominate email addresses to send user notifications about client portal activity. Please check what emails are added in Settings > Client Portal > Notifications