Can Clients Call My Power Diary SMS Number?

Manage SMS expectations with Power Diary: Clients can text back to your messages but cannot call the number. Include clear instructions in reminders and during intake.

Power Diary SMS feature operates as a unique two-way chat that facilitates back and forth communication between you and your valuable clientele. The chat messages are delivered to your clients as SMS messages, and the clients can reply by sending a text/SMS message using their SMS app on their phones. 

What happens is a client dials the number that was used to send them a text message?

They will hear the recorded voicemail message stating that  "The mobile phone you are calling is switched off or not in a mobile service area. Please try again later. "

How can a practice manage their clients expectations and make it clear that the number is for SMS only?

Here are some ideas:

  • You can add the {BusinessPhone} merge field to your SMS reminder template and other SMS templates with brief instructions to clients to call this number for any queries. Please be mindful of the message character length to not increase your SMS costs.
  • It is also advisable to inform your clients during the intake process about the contact details they should use for communicating with your practice.
  • In addition, the cancellation and contact information can be added to your client portal home page and terms and conditions of use, in Settings > Client Portal > Access and Settings.