Automations FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Power Diary automations. Learn about unpaid invoice triggers, tracking automated emails, and condition settings.

This article lists the frequently asked questions about the Power Diary Automations feature. We will continue adding more questions here, once received. 

Does the unpaid invoices Automation sends only the last unpaid invoice? 

The unpaid invoices automation will be triggered for all invoices that meet the criteria. This means that if one client has more than one unpaid invoices with the invoice dates matching the automation criteria, they will receive a message for each of the unpaid invoices. 

Is there a way to confirm if the Automation has been sent to a client? 

If you wish to track the status of any automated emails, you can check the client's profile under Communication → Activity. That page will show a record of all communications, including automated emails.

Are automation conditions set to match ALL options selected or just ANY of the selected options? 

Please bear in mind that all conditions must be met for the automation to be triggered; the list of conditions selected for one automation operates on the 'and' logic."