Updating Your Business Information

In this article, we’ll show you how to update your business i.e. clinic information in Power Diary. 

Doing so is important because Power Diary adds your business information to invoices - and uses it to provide you important functionality. 

In this article:

Updating Your Clinic Name and ABN (Tax ID)

In the left-hand menu of the Power Diary dashboard, navigate to SETUP → Configuration → Business Info.

On this page, fill out the Business Information form. Add in your Business Name, ABN or Tax ID, Country, Time Zone and Locale. 

After filling out the form, press the Save Changes button in the bottom-right corner of your screen. 

Adding/Updating Your Business Location

In the left-hand menu of the Power Diary dashboard, navigate to SETUP → Configuration → Locations.

Click on +Add Location. 

This form will appear:

Fill in all the details of your clinic location, including its name, email and physical address, contact number and more. In addition, select a colour to represent that clinic and set it as active. If you want, you can make this clinic your new default one as well.

That’s it. 

Click Save and your new clinic location will be added to your locations list in Power Diary. 

If you’d like to edit the info of an existing location, simply click its name from the list. The same form will open up to which you can make changes. 

Once done, click Save

Adding/Updating Your Business Contact Details

Using the left-hand menu on the Power Diary dashboard, navigate to SETUP → Subscription → Billing Details.

On this page, add in your contact information. This includes your business name, email, location and postal code. 

After making your desired changes, click Save Changes

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