Using Coloured Appointment Flags

You can use colored flags for different types of appointments. This will make it easy for you to identify each type of appointment on your Power Diary calendar. For example, you can set an initial appointment to be blue in color, returning appointment in green etc.

In this article:

  • Setting Up A Color Flag For An Appointment Type
  • Using The Color Flag For That Appointment

Setting Up An Appointment Flag and Its Color

Here’s how you can set up a color flag for an appointment type in Power Diary:

Navigate to SETUP → Custom Lists using the menu on the left side of Power Diary.
You’ll land on the Appointment Flags page. Here, click on +Add Appointment Flags.

Name your appointment flag, assign a color to it and switch it to active. Once done, press Save.

Your newly created Appointment flag - along with its color - will show up in the Appointment Flags List. 

Using An Appointment Flag In An Appointment

Here’s how to add an appointment flag in any appointment you create in Power Diary:

Go to your calendar and create a new appointment.
In the Appointment Settings Panel, enter all the details about the appointment and then scroll down until you see the Appointment Details section.
Click on Select A Flag and choose your desired appointment flag from the drop down menu.

Click Save to save your new appointment.

You’ll see that it will be displayed with the color of your appointment flag. 

Deactivating (Deleting) An Appointment Flag

Deleting an appointment flag is easy. 

Navigate to SETUP → Custom Lists in the left-side menu of the Power Diary dashboard.
In the Appointment Flags List that shows up, look for the Appointment Flag you want to delete.
Click on the gear icon located on that Appointment Flag’s extreme right and then click Deactivate.

This will completely remove the Appointment Flag from your list.

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