Using Coloured Appointment Flags

You can setup coloured appointment flags so that the background of an appointment displays as a different colour. These are called "Appointment Flags" and are great for making different types of appointments stand out, e.g. first appointment, last appointment etc.

Setting Up Appointment Flags

  1. Go to Setup > Custom Lists.
  2. Click on Appointment Flags.
  3. Click + Add Appointment Flags.
  4. Add the name of the appointment flag and pick your desired colour. 
  5. Click ✔ Save.

Using Appointment Flags

  1. Make an appointment as you normally would.
  2. In the appointment panel (right side of the screen) click on the drop-down box that says Select a Flag.
  3. Select your appointment flag.
  4. Click ✔ Save.

That's it! The background of your appointment will now have changed colour.

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