Recording and Reviewing the User Activity Log File

The Log File automatically keeps a record of user activity in your account. You can see when a user logged in (including their computer's IP address) and exactly what they viewed and changed in your Power Diary Account. You also have a range of filter options so you can view exactly the information you are interested in i.e. which users have accessed a client file, or made a change to an appointment. The system stores the past twelve months of activity. 

How to Use the Log File

  1. Go to Tools > Log File
  2. Select your filter options and click Go.

This is what the filter options do:

Start / End Date: Shows you account activity within this date range (History from the last twelve months is available.)

Username: Shows you only activity for the selected User or select Show All Users.

Client name: Shows activity only related to that client, including appointment changes and which users have accessed the client file.

Page name: Show which users have accessed a particular page in your account.

Note: Allows you to search the Activity Logs for particular words/actions.

IP Address:  Allows you to search all activity from a particular IP address.

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