Exporting Your Data

Master users or users with the Allow Database Export permission are able to export the calendar information at any time. Data is exported into a CSV file which can be opened by Excel or similar programs. The database export allows you to backup clients, client notes, appointments, referrers, invoices, payments and products, and any uploaded documents (client files).

Export your calendar data:

  1. Go to Tools > Data Export
  2. Select the data you wish to back up.  
  3. Filter by Calendar for all data associated with that calendar.  
  4. Or filter by Client for all data associated with that client (you do not need to select Calendar in this case, as this will download data for all clients that are assigned to this Calendar). 
  5. Click Download
  6. Return to this page later to download a copy of your data (times may vary depending on the amount of data being exported)

Export your uploaded documents:

  1. Go to Tools > Data Export
  2. Click on Uploaded Client Files
  3. Click Download Now
  4. Return to this page after waiting for the data to be prepared to download a copy of your data.


The time that the system takes to prepare your data can vary dramatically depending on the age of the account and the amount of data that is stored within it. For example, for newer accounts with a few diaries, this might only take a few minutes, whereas for a more established account with ten or more diaries may take up to 24 hours.

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