Submitting a Patient Claim


Before sending a patient claim please ensure that you have read through our Support article on generating Medicare receipts. This will ensure that the invoice has all of the required information linked before the claim is sent.

Submitting a Medicare patient claim is a very simple process.

  1. From the edit invoice view, click on the Medicare & DVA button.
  2. Click on the Create Patient Claim button.
  3. Review the claim data and if all data is present and correct click Send.
  4. Medicare will respond within a few seconds confirming that the claim has been Assessed or Rejected. If it's rejected, reasons will be supplied so that you can fix and resubmit.
  5. If the claim has been Assessed, click on Medicare Benefit Statement, print it and give this to the patient.


Why is there no Medicare link on the editing invoice page?

If you do not see a Medicare link on the editing invoice page you will need to ensure that the invoice has Medicare listed as the insurer. In the client record under 'Billing', you can add Medicare as the insurer, this can then be linked to an existing invoice by editing the invoice and using the Insurance drop down box to select Medicare.

The claim is being rejected as the client is a child (minor), how do I fix this?

You will need to record the parent or guardian as the claimant before submitting the patient claim.

Please note there are no fees for using Medicare with Power Diary.  It is completely free!

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