Using Report Filters

While Power Diary has a number of reports, each with their own settings and fields, you may need to refine the results of these further. The column filters are likely your best bet for this. These filters can be used to further refine what information the report shows or doesn't show.

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Using Report Column Filters

Accessing the Column Filters

You can open the column filters by hovering over the column heading and clicking the three vertically stacked lines.

Understanding the Filter Options

The filter menu is broken up into two main sections, the top for sorting options (sort ascending and sort descending) and the bottom for filtering. The bottom area is less straight-forward but can be powerful if you know how to use it. 

Show Rows Where

You have fields that can be used to refine what the report shows in the column that you're filtering. For example, you can set the filter to show rows where the cell is empty or filter for columns where a certain word or number is present ( Show rows where: contains: 1234). You can combine two of these in one of two ways, with an 'and' or an 'or' statement. Meaning you could look for columns that contain a certain string or another string.

Common Uses and FAQ

How do I generate a list of all appointments without an attached invoice? 

You can generate a list like this by running the Activity report ( Reports > Activity) for a date range that works for you. You can then filter the 'Invoice Number' column to Show rows where: empty and click filter. This will show you a list of all appointments without an invoice. 

How do I report on product sales only?

You can use the Sales report ( Reports > Financial > Sales) to generate a list of invoices that contain products. To do this, run the report with your desired date ranges and filters and filter the 'Type' column to Show rows where: contains: product (you can do the same for services and session packs as well) and click filter.

How do I generate a list of all payments that haven't been allocated to an invoice, or are only partially allocated? 

To do this, open up the Payments report ( Sales & Payments > Payments) and run it for the period that you're looking to report on. Once the report has run, hover over the 'Unallocated' column heading, open the filter menu and set it to Show rows where: greater than: 0.

How do I generate a list of invoices for a particular service, product or session pack? 

You can generate this kind of list using the Sales report ( Reports > Financial > Sales) by using a column filter in the 'Item' column. For example, you might want to look at invoices with the service 'Standard Consultation' in this case, you would simply set the filter to Show rows where: contains: Standard Consultation as shown below:

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