Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes you may get a response from DVA other than ‘Referred’ which generally means that the claim has been unsuccessful. Usually, these responses will be accompanied by a reason code (ie. ‘257’). You can use these codes to discern why the claim wasn’t successful and, in some circumstances, what changes you need to make in order for the claim to go through successfully when resubmitted.

You can find an explanation of each of these codes on the Depart of Human Services website.

Hint 💡

You can press Ctrl + F (Command ⌘ + F on a Mac) on your keyboard to search the page for a specific item code - just input the reason code’s number and hit enter, your browser should then take you to that reason code.

7043 : ReferringProviderNum is inconsistent with the ServiceTypeCde and/or other data elements set.

This error is commonly generated when the Requesting Provider Num and Request Issue Date fields are filled out. If you receive this error resubmit the claim but leave these fields blank.

Which type of claim should I submit?

Generally speaking, most users will submit DVA Allied Health claims, though General Practitioners, those providing Pathology Services or Specialists will need to use the DVA Paperless claiming method.

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