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Why has my Client Stopped Receiving SMS from my Account?

If you noticed/were notified that a client suddenly stopped receiving SMS from your Power Diary account, there could be a few reasons for this. Read this article to learn how this can be addressed:

  1. If the client stopped receiving only SMS appointment reminders, check their reminder settings in Client Profile → Appointment Reminders
  2. Check that their mobile number is saved in Client Profile → Details and is the correct number. 
  3. If all of the above is correct, please email our support team at and provide the details of this issue. We will need to know the client's phone number so that we can check the SMS's delivery statuses with our messaging provider.
  4. Important

    In order to comply with anti-spam regulations, our messaging provider includes an automatic unsubscribed (opt-out) rule on all accounts.

    If a client replies to an SMS from your account with any of these five keywords (case insensitive), they will unsubscribe from receiving messages from your Power Diary account:

    • STOP
    • UNSUB
    • REMOVE
    • CANCEL

    You able to subscribe the clients back, once you receive a confirmation that the client would like to be subscribed back. This can be done in their client profile > Admin > Manage. See full instructions here.


These are the general recommendations, and we acknowledge that each situation is unique. Please do not hesitate to email us at and we will do our best to thoroughly investigate your issue.

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