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Adding a New Practitioner to Your Account

When a new practitioner joins your team, you'll need to add them to your Power Diary account. We have put together an extensive checklist that will help you to onboard the practitioner successfully. Please note that you are not required to go through all the steps, as your business needs and processes may be different. 

In this article:

Step 1: Setting Up a Practitioner

Create a practitioner in Settings → Practitioners +Add New Practitioner and whenever applicable, 

  • Upload the practitioner's photo (this photo will also appear on your Client Portal).
  • Add custom invoice text on the Details page.
  • Select how you'd forward client replies on the Settings Page.
  • Add provider numbers for insurance claiming on the Insurers page.
  • Sync with the practitioner's Google Calendar on the Google Sync** page.
  • **Important

    Connecting a Power Diary calendar with a Google Calendar requires a sign in to the corresponding Google account. In this case,
    - the practitioner either needs to be present to be able to sign in to their Google Account to establish the connection with Power Diary, or
    - the practitioner's User Profile should have access to the Setup and Configure Power Diary permission available. This way the practitioner will be able to connect with their Google Calendar later at any time they need. Please, see below for more information on User Permissions

Step 2: Setting Up User Profile

Create a User Profile in Settings  Users  +Add New User and

  • Link it with the practitioner's calendar.
  • Send invitation email (if for any reason the email is not coming through, copy the invitation link and send it to the practitioner via another means).
  • Set up User Permissions to define the level of access to your Power Diary account.
  • Set up Two Factor Authentication for this user for additional security.

Step 3: Setting Up Availability

  • Create an Availability in Settings → Availability → select the practitioner (multiple availabilities, if the practitioner is going to work from multiple locations).
  • You can add a lunch break or other ongoing breaks to the schedule by following the instructions here. 

Step 4: Making Practitioner Available on Client Portal

To make the practitioner available on your Client Portal, 

  • Make sure you have set up available hours in Settings → Availability, by turning on Clients Can Book Online.
  • Add available Services via Settings → Client Portal → Available Services → Group By Practitioner. Select the practitioner's calendar and toggle on the services that should be available for booking with this practitioner. 
  • If this practitioner provides group sessions, you'll need to create Group Appointments in their calendar so that they become visible on the Client Portal. 

Step 5: Assigning Clients to Practitioners

  • When you are adding a new client from the People menu, simply select this practitioner's calendar as Default Practitioner.
  • When you are adding a new client by creating an appointment for them, the appointment practitioner will be made a Preferred Practitioner for this new client automatically. 
  • To pass the client over from another practitioner, navigate to this Client's Profile → Admin → Manage and select them as Preferred Practitioner. You may also just add the new practitioner as User With Access on the same page, to allow multiple practitioners to have access to this client's confidential information, such as clinical Notes, Files, Forms, and Correspondence. 

Step 6: Adding or Updating Communication Templates

Based on your business processes, you may need to create

  • New communication templates via Tools → Communication → Templates.
  • Note templates via Tools → Note Templates.
  • And online form templates via Tools → Form Designer.

Which would be specific for this practitioner and include this practitioner's details, pricing, and other information. 

Step 7: Importing Client Data

If the new practitioner brings in their own clients to your practice, we can help with copying their existing client data to your account. Please follow the instructions provided below:

Step 8: Power Diary Training

If the new practitioner has not used Power Diary before, we can help with training them:

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