Copying Data to another Power Diary Account

If you need your data copied from one PD (Power Diary) Account to another, this is something that we can help you with!

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Need data copied from one PD Account to another?

Are you (or a user in your account) moving to another Clinic that also uses Power Diary, or perhaps you are starting your own business and would like to continue using Power Diary?  Or maybe restructuring your Clinic / Business, or recently sold or purchased your Business?

  • In all these instances, we can copy your data from your existing PD account to your new / another Power Diary account. ** This is offered as a once-off complimentary service, we cannot fill gaps in the data later on, so planning for this to be done on the right date is important. If you have any questions about this, please ask.
  • If you are moving Practices and are wanting to have your data copied across, this does require the approval of the Master User of the Practice that you are departing from, as does exactly what data you make take with you.
  • In instances where data from more than one Calendar needs to be copied to another Power Diary Account (eg: if your clinic is restructuring / recently sold etc ... ), please let us know, and we will work with you to identify your exact needs with regards to what data you need to be copied.  
  • Please note that the data gets copied between the two accounts, not transferred, If you no longer need to access/see a particular client profile, you can archive them. Learn how to archive clients here.

  •  !! This is a complimentary once-off service, and it must be noted that our team will not be able to bridge any gaps in the data between the two accounts, should you continue to use the source account once the data has been copied to the destination account.   In these instances, you would need to do this manually.

    The following is copied "by default"

    The following is what is typically copied:

    • Client Profiles
    • Client appointments
    • Third Parties ( the current "Bill to" in the Client Profile)
    • Client File uploads
    • Client Notes and Forms (and relevant templates)
    • Communication History
    • Referrals (and relevant Referrers)
    • Insurers (and relevant insurance) eg: Medicare details
    • Client Contacts

    Please confirm if this is what you want to be copied, otherwise, let us know what should be omitted/added **

    Also, please note, if any duplicate client profiles eventuate from the data copy (ie: if some of the same clients already exist in the destination account), you can merge client profiles into one, by following these steps once your data copy is fully complete.

    These can be copied if specifically requested:

    ** the list as below, is not copied by default, but with some manual intervention from our team, we can get this done for you.  Please let us know if you need these copied:

    • Invoices & Payments: We do recommend that you consider carefully whether financial data is required to be copied to the destination account.  if so, do you need ALL Invoices & Payments copied, or something more specific, eg: only those related to appointments with a certain practitioner?  (**In instances where financial data is copied, you may notice that in the appointment screen, the invoice description will show as "Sale".  This is due to Services from the Source PD account not being present in the Destination PD account.  You can still see the full description of the service provided in the edit invoice screen.)
    • Communication Templates: **if you do want these copied, you will need to update the "from" email address and business name.  Also, any links will need to be recreated (such as links to forms) and also images in the templates as these cannot be copied from the original PD account”
    • Bank Account Details: ** purposed for Medicare rebates where needed
    • Session Pack Templates: **Session Pack instances within Client Profiles cannot currently be copied, however, we hope to be able to introduce this ability at some stage.  There is a possible workaround you could use if it is imperative that the Session Packs have continuity in the new / destination Power Diary account. This could at least provide continuity, and also a source of reference going forward:
      • Our Team could copy the Session Pack Templates from one Power Diary account to the other, (but not the instances within client profiles)
      • There is a Session Pack Report under Reports > System > Pack Expiry. It is possible to pull a report showing all session pack instances in Client Profiles, (achieved by removing all dates in the filter selection), and this data can be exported to MSExcel, and then filtered for all current/open Pack instances.
      • You can then (manually) open these same packs in the relevant (copied) Client Profiles in the “destination PD account”, and edit the packs to reflect, for example, the current remaining number of sessions, therefore enabling them to move forward with the right number of remaining sessions.
      • For historical purposes, you can retain the report, and refer to that when needed.

    What cannot be copied:

    • Credit Card Details: **This data is not stored in the Power Diary Database, but rather, in the relevant Stripe account, so cannot be copied
    • Session Pack instances: in each client profile 
    • Waitlist: We are not currently able to copy waitlists. These will need to be input manually by yourselves.

    If you are needing to copy all client profiles linked to a particular Practitioner / Calendar

    If you are requiring all client profiles attached to a particular practitioner/calendar, we can either copy:

  •  all clients where the default practitioner/calendar is XXX  
  • OR alternatively 
  • all clients where the default practitioner/calendar is XXX PLUS all clients that have ever had an appointment with XXX (ie: a client that may not have XXX recorded as their default practitioner)

  • ** Please let us know which option you would like

    If you are needing to copy a selected list of client profiles 

    In this instance, we will require a CSV list/spreadsheet of client numbers to copy.  If you aren't sure how to get the client number, please see the screenshot as below


    To copy the data, we'll just need

    1. An email from each account holder (the owner of the "from" account and also the owner of the account where the data is being transferred to) confirming that they're happy for us to proceed with this.
    2. Details of the Calendar (Practitioner) and Power Diary account you're wanting these copied from/to (or alternatively a CSV list/spreadsheet of client numbers to copy)
    3. Confirmation of exactly what data you need copied. 

    **Please note that the email must come from the email address that is associated with each account (ie. the one used when creating the account - ie: the Master User of each Power Diary Account).

    To start the process, simply send us an email at

    Here's an example of the request we require from the Source Account Master User (** please edit to your particular needs of course): 

    I hereby consent for the following data to be copied from XXXX Power Diary Account, to XXXX Power Diary Account

    Please copy the following: All clients where the default practitioner/calendar is XXX    (or "as per the attached list" if it is only certain client profiles that should be copied)

    • Client Profiles
    • Client appointments
    • Third Parties ( the current "Bill to" in the Client Profile)
    • Client File uploads
    • Client Notes and Forms (and relevant templates)
    • Communication History
    • Referrals (and relevant Referrers)
    • Insurers (and relevant insurance) eg: Medicare details
    • Client Contacts

    Please ensure that the relevant Calendars are created in the Destination account, as the Data Copy cannot create these Calendars

    Appointment auto-reminders

    Copied clients and appointments will not have reminders configured. If you'd like to switch on automatic reminders for future appointments for these copied clients, this can be done in the Setup menu via   Setup > Configuration > Reminders > Switch off 'Automatically send appointment reminders to clients' > Save Changes > Switch the setting back on > Save Changes.

     **Select either 'Yes' or "No" on the confirmation prompts, to select whether to apply the change to all existing clients.

    Hint 💡

    If you select "Yes" this will update all imported and pre-existing clients with these reminder settings, as well as ensure that future appointments will receive a reminder. Should you already have customised reminders for some existing clients, this action will reset those to the default reminder as well.  If this is the case, you will need to switch on each copied client's reminder settings manually, otherwise, you are welcome to reach out to us if there are too many to do this, as we may be able to assist in these instances.

    If you don't want to reset all reminder settings for existing clients, (eg: if you have customised reminder settings on some of your client profiles)  you can access the individual client profile and navigate under  Profile > Appointment Reminders > Choose the template and days before > Click Save Changes.

    Read more about Configuring Appointment Reminders here


    I need to add the Practitioner as a user but I get an error that their email is already in use: 

    An email address can only be used once for User Profiles in Power Diary. Should you wish to use the exact same email address that your Practitioner was/is using on the account that the data is being copied from, then they (or the Master User) will need to release (change) their email address from their old account.  They can either change the email address to a different one or alternatively if they're not going to need to access that account anymore or is in process of closing their account, they could change it to something like: "xxx_old@xxxx". (ie: add "-old").   ** If their account is already closed, then they can email our customer support team at, to request that they release the email address so that it can be used in another account.  

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