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Accessing the Form Designer

You can use the Form Designer to create intake forms, pre-appointment screening forms, consent forms, etc to collect information from your client. Below we go over and break down each of the sections you can use to create the Form as well as how it will be displayed to your receiving client. The Form Designer can be accessed under Tools> Form Designer. This will bring you to the below-displayed page:

From here you will either select a Form you've already created to edit or you can click the + New Form Template button where you will see the screen below.

Once you are in a template, you can add or remove sections using the buttons on the page. Each section also has the option to require an answer (except for Information). If not all required answers are filled out, it will not show the Form as completed. Now we will go over each section you can add within the Form Designer.

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We recommend you always click Save Changes before navigating to something else. If you don't, however, you'll be prompted if you want to bring back any unsaved changes to your Online Forms;

Single and Multiple Line Text

These fields will be used when you want your client to respond to the question with a couple of word or couple sentence answers. Single Line will allow for a couple of words or a sentence of text, if you need more than that you will want to use Multiple. This is what both fields look like during setup:

This is what the client will see when they go in to fill out the Form:

Single and Multiple Values

This section would be used as a Multiple Choice question. With Multiple Value, this would allow you to list out answers and allow clients to select multiple answers. You can set it up as radio buttons or as a drop-down option. Below is what this would look like upon setup:

This is what it would look like to the Client:

This is what it would look like once they entered in the answers:

With Single Value it would be an either-or question with two possible answers. You can set it up as radio buttons or as a drop-down option. Below is what this would look like upon setup:

Below is how it would appear to the Client:

Yes/No Switch

This section can be used for any Yes/No or either or Questions. The setup would look like this:

It would appear to you Client as seen below, with the toggle being blue/on for yes, or grey/off for no:


This area would be used to circle or mark on a diagram or picture of the body or part of the body. You can upload an image into this section depending on what you are needing. This is what it would look like during setup:

This is how it would appear to your Client:

The Client can use the arrows, text and pen icons at the bottom to draw on the image. The trash can is there so they can remove any accidental annotations they may create.


This is just a section where you can input information. There is not an answer section on this so it will appear as plain text to the client. Here is what it looks like during setup:

Here is what it will look like to your client:


This section will be used if you need your Client to sign the document you are creating. This is how it would appear during setup:

Here's how it would appear to your Client:

Linked Profile Fields

When you send clients a form that has Linked Profile Fields, the information your clients type in there will be auto-populated in the same respective field in their profile. This will give you the option to add:

  • First & Last Name,
  • Email,
  • Home,
  • Mobile Phone No,
  • Home Phone No,
  • Address,
  • City
  • State,
  • Post Code,
  • Date of Birth,
  • How Did You Hear About Us
  • Preferred Name
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Salutation
  • Subscribe to Marketing Communication
  • Personal Data Consent

This is what it will look like during setup with one of these fields:

This is how it would appear to your Client:

Linked Profile Fields will only work if the form is filled by the client themselves. If the form is created and completed directly into the client's profile under Records → Forms or Admin → Forms (depending on the type of Form), then the Linked Profile Fields in the form will not auto-update the client's personal information.

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A great workaround for adding a field for a physical signature rather than a typed one: 

Select the chart function (Add field > Annotate a chart) and upload a plain coloured jpeg. Size it approx 80 pixels high x 450 pixels wide

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For more information about sending Forms to Clients or inputting Forms into your Communication Templates, please see the Related Articles below.

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