Emailing Links to Pay Invoice Online

When emailing an invoice you are able to include a link for clients to be able to pay via Credit Card. You do this by editing the default email template used for invoice emails. This enables the client to settle their outstanding invoices by simply clicking on the link and entering their credit card details.

Important ☝️ 

To use this feature, you will need to connect your Stripe account first by going to Setup → Credit Card Billing. If you don't, your clients will encounter this error message;

"Credit Card Processing is not enabled. Please contact to arrange an alternative method of payment."

Here are the steps you need to take to do this: 

  1. Go to Tools  Communication  Templates. Here, you'll see an Invoice and Statement Email template included by default. You can either use this or create a new template to be sent when emailing invoices.
  2. Open the template and type in your default message that will be sent to clients when you email an invoice to them. It might look like this:
  3. Next, add your desired merge fields. To enable clients to pay the invoice themselves, also add the {InvoicePayLink} merge field as well.
  4. So it looks something like this:
  5. Once done, click Save.

Now head over to Setup  Configuration  Invoices and make sure the email template you just created is selected as the default email on this page

This will ensure your clients receive that particular email with the payment link anytime you email an invoice to them. An example of your client's experience is below, replaced with your own business logo and local currency;

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