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Flagging Telehealth Appointments

To easily identify telehealth appointments in your Calendar we recommend setting up your location types or creating a Telehealth appointment flag.

Setting Up Telehealth Location Type

  1. Go to Settings > Configuration > Locations. 
  2. Create a Telehealth locations and select the Telehealth Video Call location type.
  3. Create a practitioner availability for the telehealth locations. 
  4. Create an appointment in the telehealth location. The created appointment will have the telehealth modality of delivery and will show a video camera icon on the appointment block and hover card.  

    Review this article for more detailed instructions. 

Adding a Custom Flag

  1. Go to Settings → Custom Lists → Appointment Flags → Add Flag.

  2. Add a flag named Telehealth.
  3. Select a custom colour so that the appointments standout in your Calendar.

This flag can then be added to telehealth appointments and will change the colour of the appointment background.

Hint 💡

You can create two different colour coded flags to allocate to Telehealth Lite and Telehealth Plus+ appointments. 

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