Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any extra cost?

There is no extra cost for Telehealth and we have no plans to charge separately for it.

Is it secure?

Yes. This is an end to end encrypted connection between your computer and your client's computer. The system is fully compliant for health care use, including HIPAA and GDPR compliance. There are no third parties involved, and the call is end to end encrypted. We have carefully designed the system so it isn't possible for anyone, even us at Power Diary to access or intercept your call. Our systems help with establishing the session, but then once you have connected with your client, it's directly peer to peer encrypted between you and your client. More detailed information about the security of this feature is available on our Telehealth Security Privacy and Compliance page.

How does it work?

Power Diary creates a unique Telehealth room for each of your clients, secured by a key. When you and your client both go to the room with the special key, the call will begin.

How do I access it?

Navigate to a client's appointment in your Calendar and click on the video icon shown below. You'll then click on "Start Telehealth Session" to connect to the client's Telehealth room. See also Getting Started with Telehealth.

How will my client connect?

You send your client a special link, which contains their key to access the room. When they click on it, they will be able to connect to their Telehealth room. A merge field has been added to use this link in your message templates. (If it is the first time using this feature with a client consider calling the client before commencing the telehealth session. This will ensure you can talk them through any connection issues i.e. suggest they update their browser, try reloading the page etc.)

Can I use it on my smartphone or tablet?

Definitely. Any device with an internet connection and that supports a microphone and camera can be used.

What happens if a call drops out?

You will return to the initial screen. Clicking on the "Start Telehealth Session" button will resume the call where you left it.

Can I share my screen?

Yep! Our article on Getting Started with Telehealth outlines how.

Can I record my session?

Not yet, but this will come very soon. The client will never be able to record the session.

Will it have a whiteboard?

No. If you want to share a drawing, then please use your choice of app and share it with the screen sharing feature.

How many people can I have in a session?

There can only be two participants in a call at this time - the practitioner and their client. 

Does the client link change?

No, the client link remains static and won't change. Each client has a unique link specific to them.

I have clicked 'Copy Link' but I'm not sure what copied to clipboard means?

When you click on 'Copy Link' to copy the link for the client you'll see a message - "The Client Portal Link has been copied to your clipboard". This simply means that the link has been copied and that when you paste next this link will be pasted. You can paste the copied link by either right-clicking and selecting 'Paste', or by hitting Ctrl + V for Windows, or Cmd + V for Mac.

Can I open another page in Power Diary on the same device during the Telehealth session?

Often you may need to open another Power Diary page while in a Telehealth session with a client, for example, to create a session note, book another appointment, or process a payment for this session, while still being able to see the client. It is definitely possible. 

  • If you are on a laptop or a stationary computer, simply open another Power Diary page in a New Window and minimize both windows to display them side to side on the screen. 
  • On a mobile device, like iPads or Andriod tablets, use the split-screen/multi-screen functionality
    - in Safari on iPad
    - on Android devices
    - on Samsung devices
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