Organizing Client File Uploads

File tags can be used to organize and manage your client file uploads, making them easier to sort through so that finding the file that you need is a breeze. Once tags are configured you can view the files area for each of your client's in a folder-like structure. 

Creating File Tags

You can add new tags to your account or edit existing ones by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Setup > Custom Lists > Tags for Client Files
  2. Click + Add Tags for Client Files
  3. Enter a name for the tag, make sure it's active and click ✔ Save.

Apply Tags to File Uploads

After adding tags to your account for use you will be able to apply these when uploading a file, or by editing one retrospectively. You can edit an existing file by opening the client's record, navigating to Records > Files and clicking on the date of the file you want to edit. A file can have multiple tags applied to it.

Sorting Files Based on Tags

You can sort a client's files area by the tag applied to each, creating a folder-like view which makes it easier to quickly find what you're looking for. To do this, simply drag the 'Tags' column heading to the sorting area, as shown below. 

You can also use all of the same filters and column sorting options that you can in our other reports, so if you're looking for a certain file, or need to narrow down what you're looking at they might help. Check the related article below for more.

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