Emailing Invoices to Your Payees

You can email invoices/receipts directly to your clients. Emailed invoices/receipts are sent to your client as a PDF. Here are four methods of emailing invoices/receipts:

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Method 1 - Quick Send From the Appointment

Right-click the appointment and select "Email Invoice".

Method 2 - From the Appointment Panel

Click on an appointment and then in the Appointment Panel click the envelope icon → Review the email → Click 'Send'.

Method 3 - From the Edit Invoice Screen:

  1. Right-click the appointment and select "Edit Invoice".
  2. Make required changes to services, fees of payments
  3. Click on the "Email Invoice" icon.

Method 4 - From the Client's Profile:

  1. Go to the client's profile.
  2. Go to BillingInvoices.
  3. Click Actions"Email Invoice" next to each invoice/receipt you would like to email.

The Result

The email you send to your client will look something like this; Notice that if you have a Stripe account connected, this will include a link for your client to pay their invoice directly from here. When the client clicks on the "Pay Invoice" link, they will be directed to your Portal and can pay with their credit card there. 

The content for this email comes from the "Invoice & Statement Email" template which you can edit by going to Tools → Communication → Templates. Here, you can choose whether to include the payment link and otherwise edit the content. Here's what they see when paying an invoice on your Portal:

Hint 💡

This is a quick way of emailing multiple invoices to a client.

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