Emailing Invoices to Your Clients

You can email invoices/receipts directly to your clients.  Emailed invoices/receipts are sent to your client as a PDF. Here are four methods of emailing invoices/receipts:

Method 1 - Quick Send From the Appointment:

Right-click the appointment and select "Email Invoice"

Method 2 - From the Appointment Panel:

Click on an appointment and then in the Appointment Panel click on the symbol of an envelope > Review the email > Click 'Send'.

Method 3 - From the Edit Invoice Screen:

  1. Right-click the appointment and select "Edit Invoice".
  2. Make required changes to services, fees of payments
  3. Click on the "Email Invoice" icon.

Method 4 - From the Client Record:

  1. Go to the client record
  2. Go to BIlling > Invoices
  3. Click Actions > "Email Invoice" next to each invoice/receipt you would like to email.

Hint 💡

This is a quick way of emailing multiple invoices to a client

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