Invoice to a Third Party

Instead of invoicing a client directly you can instead invoice a Third Party, e.g. the client's employer, insurance provider etc. This is how you do it

Setting up your Third Parties

  1. Go to People > Create > Third Party
  2. End the details and click "Next"
  3. Fill in details and click "Save"

Hint 💡

If there is no contact person for the third party, then enter the business name of the third party directly in the first name field.

Assigning a Third Party Payer to a Client - Automatically for All Future Appointments

You can assign a Third Party to a client so that all future invoices made after this will automatically be assigned to the Third Party

This is how you do it:

  1. Go to the Client Details page (Right-click an appointment and select "Client Details" or use the client search function)
  2. Access Billing > Billing Setup > Use the "Bill To" drop-down list to select your desired Third Party
  3. Click "Save"

Assigning a Third Party to Pay for Specific Invoices

Instead of having all invoices automatically assigned to a Third Party you can select only specific invoices you would like to assign.  Here's how:

  1. Go to the Edit Invoice screen (Double click an appointment, or right-click Invoice > Edit Invoice in the appointment panel)
  2. Under "Invoice To" select the Third Party from "Who Will Pay this Invoice"

Viewing Third Party Invoices (Paid or Unpaid)

  1. Go to Sales & Payments > Invoices
  2. Use the filter options to select the Date Range, Calendar, Payment Status and Third Party.
  3. Click "View Invoices" and the invoices will now display.


  1. From the Third Party profile (People > Third Parties > Select).
  2. Click Billing > Invoice

Recording a Third Party Payment

There are two ways to record a Third Party payment.

Option One: Record an Individual Payment in the Calendar

  1. Select the appointment in the calendar that you wish to record the payment for
  2. From the payment options drop-down list, select the method they used to pay
  3. Click Save

(Note: This applies to invoices that are already Billed To the third party)

Option Two: Quickly Record Multiple Payments

  1. Go to Sales & Payments > New Payment or Access from Clients > Third Parties > View > Invoices > New Payment
  2. Search for the Third Party name
  3. Enter payment details and then select which invoices to apply the payment to and click "Save"

Emailing Invoices to a Third Party

If an invoice is assigned to a Third Party and you use one of the "Email Invoice" functions the system will default the recipient of the email as the third party. You do have the option to CC in other recipients including the client or contacts of the client.

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