Adding and Editing Referrers and Referrals

There are two parts to referrals in Power Diary: the “Referrer” and the “Referral”. 

Referrers are people or businesses that refer new clients to you. A referrer is normally a new record, but it can also be an existing client - great for tracking which clients are referring other clients to you.

Referrals are added to the client’s record, and they record the referrer, the date of the referral and other details such as the referral duration. There are also some handy defaults that you can set depending on how you want the referral to be used in Power Diary.

In this article:

Adding a New Referrer

  1. Go to People > Create.
  2. Select Referrer at the top of the page.
  3. Enter the details.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Continue filling out the details and then click Save.

Adding a New Referral

To enter a new referral for a client who has been referred, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the client's profile.
  2. Click on Referrals.
  3. Click Add Referral.
  4. Search for an existing referrer or add a referrer if needed.
  5. Enter the referral duration if applicable (or else leave the field blank). You can enter an end date or pick a duration and the end date will be set for you.
  6. Select Show On Invoice Print if you would like the referral details to show on the clients invoices.
  7. Select Is Default if you would like to automatically add the referral to the client's invoices. 
  8. Click ✔ Save.

Hint 💡

The notes that you enter for a referral will not be shown on the invoice and are for internal reference

How to Track Referrals From Your Clients

Power Diary allows you to easily track clients that are referred by your existing clients. This is great if you want to run an incentive program.

To use this feature, you need to make the initial client a referrer. You do this by first going into their client profile and accessing  Admin and selecting Referrer as a role and then click Save.

This client can now be used as a referrer when creating referrals in other client records.

Reporting on Referrals and Referrers

Recent Referrals Report

Find out where your referrals are coming from, and see who your top grossing referrals are.

  1. Go to Reports > System > Recent Referrals
  2. Enter the date range of referrals you'd like to view
  3. Click Run Report

Hint 💡

Group the report by the Referrer Name column to see total clients referred and total amount billed per referrer. See this article here for steps on how to group a report.

Referral Expiries Report

Be one step ahead by reporting on referral expiries. This will give you a heads up on when the clients referral is due to expire, and ensure that this can be managed prior to the clients next appointment. 

  1. Go to Reports > Clients > Referral Expiry
  2. Enter the date range to search for any referrals expiring in that period
  3. Click Run Report

Inactive Referrers Report

See which referrers haven't made referrals in the designated period.

  1. Go to Reports > System > Inactive Referrers
  2. Enter the date range to report on
  3. Click Run Report


  • Why is the referral not showing on the clients invoice?

If the referral is not showing on the clients invoice you are able to manually apply it to the invoice. To do so go into the editing invoice page for the specific invoice and then use the 'Referral' drop down list on the page to select the referral that you would like to attach to the invoice. If you ensure that the referral is listed as the Default referral then it will be added to any new invoice automatically. This can be done by accessing the clients profile and going into Referrals and then editing the referral to set it as the default.

  • Why is the system unable to save the referrers provider number?

If the provider number is not able to be saved it may not be meeting the minimum character requirement. If this is the case, try adding a zero to the front of the provider number. This won't affect claiming.

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