Setting Up and Allocating Client Types

You can set up "Client Types" to reflect each of the common types of clients you see. For example, a health provider might see the following client types: Medicare, Private Health Insurance, Workers Compensation, Corporate, Employee Assistance etc. Once defined you can record the Client Type for each client. This allows you to generate reports relating to each Client Type, as well enable you to use the Communication Tools to develop target lists based on the Client Type. You are also able to see the clients type when you hover over clients appointment.

In this article:

Setting Up Client Types

  1. Go to Setup > Custom Lists > Client Types.
  2. Click Add New Client Type.
  3. Enter the client type and click Save.

Your new client type will now be created and will be available for selection from the client details screen. 

Allocating a Client Type to a Client

  1. Go to the client's profile.
  2. Under Details select the Client Type from the dropdown box.
  3. Click ✔ Save Changes.

Using the Client Type in the System

The Client Type is visible in the calendar when you hover your mouse over the clients appointment. This is an easy way to quickly check what billing process to use for the client, based on their type.

You can also filter a list of all clients who have a particular client type selected. This can be done using the Advanced Search in People > Clients > Advanced Search > Use the 'Client Type' filter to select the desired type and click 'Search' to produce a list of all clients with that type.

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