Making a Sale with no Appointment

You can process a sale and generate an invoice/receipt without an appointment. This is perfect for situations when a client drops in to purchase a product (for example) but is not specifically there for an appointment.

  1. Go to Sales → New Sale
  2. In the "Services and Products Provided To" field, type and then select the client's name.
  3. Select the correct name from the "Sold By" list, for reporting and cash balancing purposes.
  4. Select who will pay the invoice (Client, Client's Contact or Third Party)
  5. Select the Location (this will be linked to the default location).
  6. Click "Create Invoice".

You can now add products, services and payments to the invoice and print or email it as normal. You can also view this invoice at any time by going to the client's profile and navigating to Billing → Invoices, or by going to Sales → Invoices.

Hint 💡

Invoices not attached to appointments can also be created in the client's invoices list. When viewing the client's invoices in Billing → Invoices if you click "New Invoice" this will do the same thing and create an invoice that is not attached to an appointment.

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