Setting up Your Client Portal

The client portal is a powerful tool that you can enable which allows your clients to book and manage their own appointments. You are able to choose whether or not this is available to all clients or just to existing clients. Using this kind of functionality is sure to reduce admin time as clients can book appointments themselves in real time at a time that suits them. 

In this article:

Configuring the Client Portal

The first thing you'll need to do is enable the portal. You can do this by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Setup > Client Portal.
  2. Toggle Enable the Client Portal to on. 
  3. Click ✓ Save.
Once the portal is enabled there are a few different settings that you may want to have a look at and modify depending on your preferences. We recommend looking over each setting on this page and making sure that they all suit your preferences.

Hint 💡

If your Power Diary account is connected to Stripe you can take credit card payments through the client portal. If you would like to enable this in your account go to Setup > Credit Card Billing.

Configuring Portal Notifications

You may want to have your clients receive an email or SMS when they book or cancel an appointment, or you may want your practitioners (or yourself) to receive these kinds of notifications as well. All of this is can easily be customised.
  1. Go to Setup > Client Portal.
  2. Navigate to Notifications.
On this page you can select a template to be sent to either the diary contact, the client or a custom email address when a few different things happen: when a client registers for the portal, when a client books an appointment and when a client cancels an appointment. For each of these options you're able to select a different communication template (these are added under Tools > Communication > Templates).
Once you're done selecting which templates you would like to be sent and who they should be sent to just click ✓ Save.

Customising the Client Portal 

The portal can be customised to suit your business, as well as blend in with your existing branding. You can modify the branding of the portal by following the steps below.
  1. Go to Setup > Client Portal
  2. Navigate to Branding.
On this page you can upload a header image (logo) and set the background colour. For the colour, we recommend either setting it to white or choosing the same background colour as your website so that the user feels a smooth flow from your site to the booking process.
You may also want to add some custom text to the portal. You can do this by going to Setup > Client Portal and adding any text that you like to the Special Booking Instructions field. You also have the option to define Terms and Conditions for your clients: clients need to tick a box stating that they agree to these prior to confirming their booking. 

Nominating Available Services

You will need to select which of your services you would like to be available for booking via the portal, as well as who can provide those services. Follow the steps below to learn how.
  1. Go to Setup > Client Portal.
  2. Navigate to Available Services

From here, select which services are available by toggling the slider to the left of each to the active (green) position. You can toggle which diary you're modifying the services for via the drop-down box in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Nominating Available Times

The times that show as available for a diary in the portal is determined by that diaries rosters. You can add and manage rosters by going to Setup > Roster. There is more detailed information on this process in the related article below.

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