Adding Client Contacts

Clients can have multiple contacts, which is great for tracking parents, siblings, teachers, employers etc. Contacts are able to receive appointment reminders for the client's appointments. They can also be made a client as well so that they can have appointments and invoices too. 

To Add a Contact

  1. Go to the client's record.
  2. Go to Profile > Contacts.
  3. Click Add New Contact.
  4. To create a new contact click Create a New Profile.
  5. Enter the contacts details.
  6. Click ✔ Save.

This has created a contact who is linked to the client. You will see this contact by going into the client's contact section.

To Add an Existing Client as a Contact

You are also able to add an existing client as a contact. For example, if two existing clients are partners or a parent and child you are able to resemble this relationship by adding one of the clients as a contact for the other client. Here's how:

  1. Go to the client's profile. 
  2. Go to Profile > Contacts.
  3. Click Add New Contact.
  4. Use the search field to search for the client's name.
  5. Edit any details and click ✔ Save.

You can search for contacts via People > Clients and using the Contacts toggle.

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