Adding and Editing Services

You can add as many services to your Power Diary account as you need. These services are attached to your appointments and are generally used for invoicing.

Adding a New Service

  1. Go to Setup > Services and click + Add Service
  2. Fill out the fields for your service (if you're unsure what any of the fields are for check the table at the bottom of this article).
  3. Click ✓ Save

Editing or Deactivating a Service

  1. Go to Setup > Services
  2. Either click the service name or open the actions menu and select Edit.
Once editing a service you can make any necessary changes. If you would like to deactivate the service simply toggle the Active slider off. Be sure to click ✓ Save prior to leaving the page.

Reactivating a deactivated service

In order to see inactive services in the list, toggle the Show Inactive slider at the top of the page under Setup > Services. You can then edit the inactive service using the above steps.

Understanding the Fields

Code This is used to record a short piece of text to be used as a reference. This is an optional field. Please note that if submitting Medicare or DVA claims this field should be used to record the relevant service code.
Name This is the title of the service that you will see in drop-down lists and on invoices.
Description This is used to record a description of your service. This information will also appear on any invoices that the service is attached to.
Duration Used to record the duration of the service in minutes. This is also used to automatically set the length of new appointments booked with the service attached.
Cost Price (excluding tax)
This is an optional field and is used to record the cost of your price.
Sell Price (including tax)
Use this field to record the price of your service, ensuring that any tax is included in the figure (such as GST). This will appear on invoices where this service is attached, and will also show on the client portal if you're taking payments from clients.
Tax Use this field to record whether or not tax applies to the service.

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