Adding and Editing Clients

Learn how to create and edit client profiles.

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Creating a New Client

There are three ways to add new clients to your Power Diary account:

  1. Import from an existing database, e.g. Excel File.
  2. Create a new client while adding a new appointment.
  3. Add a new client using the client's menu.

Method 1: Importing Existing Clients

If you have an existing client database in a workable format we are able to import this for you. To get the data to our import team go to Setup > Data Import and follow the steps outlined on the page.

Method 2: Create a New Client from a New Appointment

You can create a new client profile when making a new appointment in the diary. This allows you to take bookings and create new client profiles quickly whilst on the phone.

  1. Select a time in the diary to make a new appointment.
  2. Under Client, click Add a New Client.
  3. Enter the new client's name and other desired details.
  4. Click ✔ Save.

Hint 💡

A dropdown list of existing client names will display as you enter the client's name. If the appointment is for an existing client simply select them from the dropdown list.

Method 3: Create a Client Using the Clients Menu

You can add new clients individually to your account at any time. Here's how:

  1. Go to People > Create.
  2. Enter the client details and their default calendar. 
  3. Click Next.

Editing a Client

  1. Access the client's profile (use the search at the top of the page to search the client's name).
  2. Make required changes to the profile.
  3. Click ✔ Save.

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