Reporting Power Diary Bugs

To help us investigate and resolve the bug quickly and efficiently we have compiled some steps for you to follow for submitting a bug report. This will help us to quickly identify the issue and then work on fixing this as soon as possible. 

To be able to fix a bug we first need to understand what the issue is. As such, we need to know what is occurring including the steps you took to produce the bug and the outcome. This will helps us with reproducing the bug. Here is the key information that you will need to include when reporting a bug:

  • The browser type, version (ie Google Chrome Version 51.0.1) and the platform you are using (ie Windows 11, or iPhone 6 version 10.2.1). If you are not sure, you can find this out by going here:
  • The Power Diary username you are logged in under
  • The steps you took to reproduce the bug
  • The page the bug is present on (include the web address if possible i.e.
  • Any examples where the bug is present (provide details such as the client record number, the appointment date and time or the invoice number etc)
  • Screenshots of the page

Email the bug report through to our support team at and we will investigate the bug for resolution.

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