Using Speech to Text to Record Session Notes

You can use your devices Speech to Text function to record your client notes straight into Power Diary! Find the section relevant to your device below to get started.


Go to the Control Panel and then select Ease of Access > Speech Recognition. You will then be able to select the microphone you wish to use and configure your speech recognition settings. You can find a list of speech recognition commands in the Microsoft support article here.

Privacy: To ensure that your voice data is not sent to Microsoft, go to Settings > Privacy > Speech, Inking and Typing and make sure that Speech Services and Typing Suggestions id turned off.


Navigate to System Preferences > Keyboard > Dictation and turn on dictation. There is a list of speech to text commands in the Apple support article here.

Privacy: If you select 'Use Enhanced Dictation' this will allow you to use the speech to text offline without sending voice data to Apple.


You will need to ensure that dictation is enabled on your device. To do this go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Enable Dictation. Once this is turned on go to the notes in Power Diary and tap the field as if you were about to write the notes. On the keyboard, tap the icon and begin speaking. The text will appear on the screen as you speak. 


Go to Settings > Languages and Input > Text to Speech Output. Select 'Gboard' as the keyboard if it is not already selected. If you do not have Gboard you will need to download it from Google Play. 

Once you have done this you can then open Power Diary and navigate to the client's profile and click Records > Notes and tap the field to enter text. You can then touch and hold the microphone icon and say 'Speak Now' to begin inputting the notes.

In the video below, Damien demonstrates how easy it is to use text to speech to dictate when writing notes in Power Diary.

Please note that when dictating your client notes, it is your own device's speech to text technology that is being used and therefore errors may occur.

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