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Printing or Emailing a Client's Future (or Past) Appointments

It's not uncommon for a client to ask for a list of their future or upcoming appointments. Power Diary provides a merge field that can be used to generate these lists easily in either an email or printed format.

Setup a Template:

  1. Set the message type to either Email or Letter, depending on what you would like to use the template for.
  2. Complete the template and in the Content section add in your desired message. Under merge fields you'll see an option called "ListAllFutureAppointments". 
  3. Note: you only need to setup the template (above) once.
  4. Press Save.

As an example, your finished template may look something like this.

Hi {ClientFirstName},

Here is a list of your upcoming appointments with us.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

Hint: for past appointments 💡

You can use the {ListAllPastAppointments} merge field for listing the client's past appointments instead..

Sending the Future Appointments list to Your Clients:

  1. In the client's profile scroll down to the Communication section.
  2. Select either New Email or New Letter.
    1. New Email: To email it directly to the client simply select the template from the drop-down box, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save And Send" (or "Save As Draft" if you'd like to send it later).
    2. New Letter: To generate your template as a letter so that you can print or save it as a PDF just select the template from the drop-down box and select either "Save And Send" (or "Save As Draft" if you plan on making some changes to it before you print/save it). The page should refresh and the "Print", "Word" and "PDF" options will appear - click whichever option you would like.
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