Communicating with Clients

You can send SMS and emails to a client from within their client record, as well as generate letters and store them for reference in the future (or to be printed or sent to PDF or Word). While the SMS panel is the quickest way to send an SMS to a client, it isn't the only way to do it. 

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Sending Emails or SMS to Clients

To send an email or SMS to a client from their client record follow the steps outlined below. 

  1. Open the client's record. (one shortcut from the Calendar is opening an appointment, and clicking their name);
  2. Navigate to Communication → New Email (or New SMS).
  3. Either select a template to send to the client or type your own message. 
  4. Click Save and Send (or Save as Draft to send it later via CommunicationActivity).

Forwarding SMS Replies from Client

To ensure you never miss a message from one of your clients, you can set up forwarding for your SMS services. This will make sure any non-standard reply is sent to you directly.

  1. Login to your Power Diary.
  2. Navigate to Setup → Configuration → Communication.
  3. Input your phone number into the field for Forwarding Text Message Replies to.
  4. Click Save Changes.
  5. Important

    Standard SMS charges will apply to the forwarded messages. 

Generating a Letter

You can generate letters from a client's record at any time using one of your letter templates or by typing one out on the spot. Find out how below.
  1. Open the client's record.
  2. Navigate to CommunicationNew Letter.
  3. Either select a letter template to generate or type your own letter.
  4. Select either Save as Draft or Save as Sent (you will not be able to edit the letter after this option is selected).
  5. If desired, print the letter or generate it as either a PDF or Word Document using the buttons provided.

Hint 💡

By default, communication will only be stored for 12-months. If you would like to permanently store a message or letter to a client's record you can select Save to the Permanent Correspondence Record prior to sending.

** All Communication created manually from within the Client Profile as well as Text Messages sent via the Text Message panel are automatically saved to the Permanent Correspondence Record

Clients' Correspondence Replies

If a client responds to one of your emails the response will be sent directly to whichever address you have recorded as the 'from' address. Each correspondence sent will also be logged in each client's profile under Communication → Activity;

For SMS replies, these are all available in the SMS panel. You can find an article on Using the Text Messaging Panel below.

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