Allowing Contacts to Book on Behalf​ of ​Clients

Learn how to add a contact to a client's profile to enable booking appointments on their behalf, perfect for family members managing appointments.

You can add a contact to a client's profile, and give them permission to book appointments on behalf of the client. This is useful for scenarios in which a family member would like to book appointments for their child, partner, or parent etc. To set this up, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the client's profile.
  2. Navigate to Profile → Contacts.  

3. Click + Add New Contact to add a new contact (or select an existing contact from the list). 
4. Fill in the contact profile details and click the Portal Appointments switch on the bottom-right corner.

5. Click Save.

Once done, the Contact will be able to log into their account, and book an appointment for the Client in their profile.