Adding New Telehealth Services and Item Numbers

Learn how to create and manage services for both Telehealth Lite and Plus+, including details on naming, item numbers, pricing, and categories.

You can add new Telehealth Services to your Power Diary account as follows:

Hint 💡

You can use the same service to create invoices for sessions conducted via both Power Diary Telehealth systems, Telehealth Lite and Telehealth Plus+. 

  1. Go to Settings → Services.
  2. Click Add New Service.
  3. Add the details of your the Service as required and click Save. Your new Service will now be available to use on invoices.

Tips when entering details for new Services:

Name: If available, use a service name that will be understood by the Client, Private Health Insurers or Medicare (if applicable)

Item Number / Code: If this is a Medicare service ensure you use the correct Medicare Item Number i.e. for General Psychologists. Video Conference, 50+ minutes it would be: 91170

Description: This content is not critical but it can be helpful to provide a more complete description of the service.

Tax: Select appropriate tax type if applicable. In most countries, health services are Tax exempt.

Cost: This is not required. If you wish to record the cost to the practice of providing the service, this can be included here. 

Price: This is the price you are charging by default for this service and is the amount that will show on invoices. In Australia and Bulk Billing? Enter the Bulk Bill amount that Medicare will pay for this service. 

Category: Not required, but helpful. If you have a lot of services, you can add categories to help organise them. (To add Categories go to Settings > Custom Lists > Saleable Categories)

Portal Deposit: Use this if you'd like clients to pay a deposit when booking online.