Making, Editing and Deleting Appointments

Making an Appointment

  1. Click to select a time in the calendar (can be one or more 'blocks')
  2. Chose your appointment type (Client, Personal or Group)
  3.  Enter the details and click 'Save'

 Here's  a quick video:

Making an Appointment in Power Diary


Editing an Appointment (Three quick ways)

Method 1: Drag and drop

Hover over the coloured bar on the appointment until a tour-headed arrow appears, click, drag and drop anywhere on the calendar.

Method 2: Drag start or finish time

Hover over the top or bottom of an appointment until a two-headed arrow appears, click and drag the start or end time as required.

Method 3: Manually edit date or time

Click on the appointment and edit the Date and Time details in the Appointment Panel and Save.

 Here's a quick video:

Three easy ways to edit an appointment in Power Diary


Deleting an Appointment (Two quick ways)

Method 1: Click the cross

Hover over the appointment and click the "X" in the appointment.

Method 2: Use the Appointment Panel

Click on the appointment and then click the "Delete" button at the bottom of the Appointment Panel.

 Here's a quick video:

How to delete an Appointment in your Power Diary practice management software.