Add a New Diary

1. Setup >> Diaries

2. Select "Add New Diary"

3. Enter diary details (See "Diary Settings Tips" below.)

4. Click "Save"


Edit Existing Diary

1. Setup >> Diaries

2. Select diary to edit.

3. Edit settings as required. 

4. Click Save.


Diary Details: 

Diary is Active: This setting determines if the diary is displayed and can accept bookings.  Uncheck this box for diaries that are no longer being used, e.g. if a staff member leaves. All data will be saved and the diary can be reactivated at any time by checking this box.

Diary Name: First and Last name of diary will be shown in the calendar and other areas of the system which reference to the diary.

Shortened Name: Best to add first name as this can be used in SMS messages.

Real Name: This name is used on invoices, statements and other official documents in the account.

Mobile Number:  Enter correct mobile number.  This will allow the staff member to received optional SMS notifications of appointments and cancellations. This number is not provided to your clients.

Email: Enter your email address to enable this to be included in correspondence merge fields.

Image: Click "Browse" and select an image from your computer you would like to use.

Custom Invoice Text: Add registration numbers, or any other information specific to this staff member that you want displayed on invoices.

Appointment Info: This information shows when you hover over the diary image in the calendar. For internal use.


Diary Settings:

Show Client's DOB on Invoice: This will enable your client's D.O.B to be displayed and printed on invoices.

Sort Order: This determines the order that your diaries are displayed on the main page.  Diaries are displayed left to right based on lowest to highest Sort Order.

Default Location for New Appointment:  This determines the default location for new appointments in the diary. Any new appointment that you create in the diary will automatically default to this location.

Forward Text Messages Received:  All SMS responses from clients to appointment reminders can be forwarded to either the mobile number listed for the diary (Forward to Diary Mobile) or to the mobile number listed as the Text Message Reply Number (Forward to Text Massage Reply Number). Recognised replies that are automatically processed such as yes, no, cancel etc are not forwarded. You are able to select 'Do Not Notify' so that no replies are forwarded however you will still be able to see all replies in the appointment notes and the SMS Usage Report.

If Client Cancels vis SMS Reply Notify Diary User:  If the client cancels by responding to the appointment reminder you can opt top be notified by SMS, Email or to not be notified.



You are able to add any insurances and provider numbers for the diary in this section. This will show on the clients invoices that are linked to this diary. Read more on adding insurers here.

Google Sync:

Set up a sync with Google Calendar so that the appointments are automatically synced from the diary and into Google Calendar. See steps on how to set this up here.