Setting up your Client Portal

If you choose you can give new or existing clients access to your diary via your Client Portal by placing a special link on your website. Depending on the level of access you provide, clients can view upcoming appointments, make new bookings or cancel existing appointments.  Confidentiality is maintained as your clients are only able to see appointment information that relates to them.  All other information in your diary is blocked out and is not visible or accessible to them. To login to the Client Portal clients simply click on your Client Portal link and enter their email address and password. 


Setting up your Client Portal:

Go to Setup >> Client Portal


Access and Settings:

To activate your Client Portal tick 'Enable Client Portal'. You can then go through this section and select your preferences such as setting up your cancellation policy, accepting new clients, showing the item price of services, and adding booking instructions and Terms & Conditions.


Would you like to be notified when an appointment is updated via your Client Portal?:

Select whether you would like to be sent an email when a client creates or cancels an appointment via the client portal. To do this:

1. Ensure that you have created an email template in Tools >> Communication. This email will be sent to the diary contact. If you do not already have a template, you can use the following as the content:


 "{ClientFullName}  ( {ClientMobilePhone} ) just made this appointment via the client portal: {NextAppointmentStartDateTime}"

2. Select the template for each notification option. (Notify Diary Contact on New Appointment and Notify Diary Contact on Cancelled Appointment).

3. The selected template will be sent to the diary contact (ie the service provider) to notify them of the action.

You can also opt for an email to be sent to another email address for any New Appointments created. This allows you to nominate for the main business email or admin email address to receive notification upon new appointments. To do this:

1. Enter the email address under 'Send Email to these Addresses on New Appointment'.

2. Select the template from the drop down next to 'Email to send to list above'

Client Portal Branding

Customise your client portal with a background colour and your logo.

1. Under "Client Portal Branding" select the background colour for the client portal to match your website.

2. Click "Browse" to upload your logo.


Configure which times are available for your clients to book into the diary as well as which services each diary can provide.

1. Go to Setup >> Services and under the "Client Portal" column select the blue link next to eas service to configure which diary provides which service (read more on this here)

2. Now go to Setup >> Roster to configure the availability of each diary (read more on this here)

Ensure that you click "Save" after making these changes

You're now ready to launch your Client Portal!

You are then ready to make your client portal available for your clients! Do this:

1. Select and copy your unique client portal URL at the top of the client portal page.

2. Add a button / text to your website that links to your unique client portal URL.