Location-specific Reminders

If you work from different physical locations or provide face-to-face and video/Telehealth services, it is possible to use the same reminder template to notify a client about the exact location of the session they have booked. 

The following steps detail how to add a Location-type merge field to an appointment reminder template.

  1. Navigate to Setup → Configuration → Locations and make sure that your Location Names provide clear information. Create and name a Telehealth location if necessary.
  2. At Tools → Communication → Templates open the appointment reminder templates (SMS or Email) that you use.
  3. Click on the Available Merge Fields link at the bottom of the template, and copy the {AppointmentLocationName} merge field. You can use other Location-specific merge fields like {AppointmentLocationNotes} to provide more instructions to the clients. 

  4. Paste the merge field(s) into the body of the template.
  5. Click Save Changes
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