Setting Up Your Business Information

To make sure your emails, SMS and invoices display up-to-date information about your business, you need to add your business information. 

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In this article:

Add Your Main Business Information

To add the main information about your business, go to Setup → Configuration → Business Info. Here, you can add/change:

  1. Your Business Name: This is the primary name associated with your account. 
  2. ABN (For Australian Businesses Only):  The primary contact number of your business. 
  3. Country: The primary country in which your business is situated.
  4. Timezone: This is the timezone in which your appointments will display in the Client Portal.
  5. Locale: Add your primary region here to change the date and currency format. 

In addition, you can also add your business email address, the physical address and postal code

Add Your Location(s) Information

After adding your main business information, you will want to set up your locations. The location you set up here appears in your Client Portal and allows you to set the default location for an appointment you're having with a client. The location set up here is also used to define a practitioner's availability in their roster.

To add your location, go to Setup → Configuration → Locations. Here, click + Add Location and fill in that location's details and click Save.

Also, choose a colour for your location. Any appointment set for that location will be colour-coded with that location's colour. Also, make sure that it is set to Active, otherwise, it won't show up in settings and options. And finally, make the location your default if you want (there can only be one default location at a time). Once done, that default location will be automatically selected when you create a new appointment on your calendar.

Customise Your Calendar Display 

After adding your business information and setting up your locations, you will want to customise your Power Diary calendar. To do that, go to Setup → Configuration  Calendar Display. Here, you will be able to set:

  1. Start Time and End Time: This setting is important as this will determine which appointments will show up in your calendar.
  2. Minutes Per Calendar Block: Your calendar is divided into blocks. You can set how much time each block represents.
  3. Calendar Block Size: You can set how big a block looks on your calendar.
  4. Show Client Account Balance on Calendar: If a client has pending invoices, turning this option on will show a red $ sign on their appointments.
  5. Client Name On Separate Line: When turned on, the client's name will be shown on the line below in the calendar appointment.
And finally, you can also set whether the clinician calendar names display side by side, or in a dropdown menu. Plus, you can also set whether you receive a confirmation message anytime you move an appointment.

Add Your Business Email Address

Last but not least, it is a good idea to add your default business email details to ensure you receive all responses to your emails from Power Diary. To do that, go to Setup  Configuration  Communication and add your email address in the top-right corner.

Last but not least, you can set up your MailChimp integration and a custom SMTP server here as well.

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