Refunding An Invoice

Refunding an invoice in Power Diary is easy.

In your calendar, select the appointment whose invoice you want to refund - either in full or partially. Then, follow these steps:

In the appointment settings panel, scroll down to the Invoice section and click on the Edit Invoice icon.

Scroll down to the Invoice Payments and click on the Add Payment button.

In the Method field, choose Refund (if you don’t have a refund payment method you can add one via Setup > Custom Lists > Payment Methods) from the drop-down menu. In the Amount field, enter a negative number which represents the amount you want to refund the client. Also, add any notes about the refund if you want.


Add a minus sign (-) at the start of the refund amount i.e. -35. Otherwise, the amount will be added to the client’s invoice instead of being deducted.

Once done, click the Save Invoice button.

Exporting to Xero

If you import your invoices to Xero, please note that Xero doesn’t import negative payments i.e. refunds.

As such, if you want the refunds you make in your Power Diary account to show up in Xero as well, start by importing your original invoice. 

Then, follow these instructions by Xero to update it with a refund just made:

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