New Client Portal

Power Diary has been working for some months on a new client portal.  We hope to release this early in December. You can preview it now by logging into Power Diary and going to Setup > Client Portal. At the top of the page there is a link where you can preview the new portal.

Why the need for a new Portal?

Our current portal has served us well since 2015, with millions of appointments created using it. When we developed that version, we trialled some technology that we thought could be used in the rest of the Power Diary application. However we soon realised that this technology was quite inflexible and slow to develop with, so we made different choices when updating the main application. We have been very happy with these choices. I'm speaking from the perspective of a developer here.

So this new version is a rewrite using the same technology that we use in the rest of Power Diary. There are not many changes to the booking process, and only minor changes to the user interface.

New Features coming in this release

We've deliberately kept new features to a minimum with this first release.

  • Users can choose to see availability for all providers, instead of always first choosing a provider
  • We hide booking steps that only have 1 option 

Features coming soon (we have already started on these)

  • Custom text under the provider name to share additional information.
  • New appointment start-time options.  
  • Forms that can be filled in by your clients.
  • Text or email your clients a custom link which will take them into the portal and let them create a new account
  • Clients can pay outstanding invoices via Stripe.
  • Clients can see their invoices and download a copy.
  • Deposits during a booking.
  • Appointment parameters in the url to prefill the provider, service, location, or appointment time.

Paul Adler


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