Restoring A Deleted Group Appointment

Did you accidentally delete a group appointment?

No need to worry. We’ll show you an easy way to restore it back with all its details including recurring series (if multiple were deleted), participants and other appointment information.

Plus, we’ll take a look at an alternative method in case you’re unable to use the first method.

In this article:

How To Restore A Deleted Group Appointment

Step 1: Can you remember at least one participant you’re sure you added to the group appointment that got accidentally deleted?  

Yes - go to Step 2

No - That’s Ok.  Skip down to the Alternative Method.

Step 2: Go to their profile by simply typing their name in the search bar on top of your Power Diary dashboard.

Step 3: On the left-hand side of the client’s profile page, you’ll find a blue drop-down menu. On that menu, click on Appointments.

Step 4: When the appointment page opens, you’ll see a list of all the current appointments for that client. To see the deleted appointments as well, turn on the ‘Show Deleted’ switch.

From the list, find the appointment you want to ‘undelete’.

Hint 💡

You can easily identify the deleted appointment by looking at its date, diary, status and other information on the table.

Step 5: After finding the appointment you want to restore, go to the extreme right of it and click on the gear icon under the Actions column. Finally, click on Restore to bring the appointment back onto your Power Diary calendar.

This will restore the group appointment (or recurring series of group appointments if more than one was deleted) for that client, as well as for all other clients in the group.

Alternative Method

Use this if you can’t remember any of the participants from the group appointment.

On the left-hand menu of your Power Diary dashboard, click on Reports →System → Deleted Appointments.

In the page that opens up, you’ll see an option to view deleted appointments within a specific time period.

Enter the approximate date range within which the group appointment was deleted.

Click on Run Report.

You’ll see the list of appointments that were deleted within that time frame.

Pro Tip

If you click on Show Log for a specific deleted client appointment, you will see which user in your Power Diary account deleted that appointment.

Simply click on the client name to go to their profile. From there, repeat the steps mentioned above starting from Step 3.

You’ll have your deleted group appointment restored in no time.

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