Adding the Client Portal to Facebook

With the Client Portal, you can facilitate your clients to book an appointment with you by themselves. Your availability will depend on the schedule you set in your Power Diary roster and the number of appointments in your calendar. 

As such, you can also add the Client Portal to your Facebook as well, in addition to your website and email. 

In this article:

Copying The Client Portal URL

Before you can add the Client Portal to your Facebook page, you’ll need to copy the unique URL for your Client Portal.

Using the left-side menu on Power Diary, navigate to SETUP → Client Portal.
Under Access and Settings, you’ll find your unique Client Portal URL. Click on the Copy Link button to copy it. 

Now, paste this link to your Facebook page. 

Adding The Client Portal To Facebook

To allow your clients to book an appointment with you via the Client Portal, you’ll start by creating a call-to-action button. To do so, follow these steps:

Login to your Facebook account by entering your username and password. 
Go to your profile page and click on the +Add a Button
Choose your button text and enter your Client Portal URL
Click Create

That’s it. 

Once done, clients will be able to easily click on this button next to your cover image, where they will be directed to your Client Portal in a new tab, thus enabling them to easily book an appointment with you. 

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