Editing Your Diary Display Preferences

You can configure the way your diary looks by editing your calendar display. You can edit these settings by going to Setup > Configuration > Calendar Display. The following settings are available:

Calendar Start and End Time

The hours that are displayed in your diary are based on the business hours you define here. For example, if you set your business hours to 8:00am to 6:00pm your diary will show these hours. Setting your business hours prevents your diary from displaying time periods that are not needed for bookings i.e night and early morning.

Minutes Per Calendar Block

This allows you to customise the amount of time displayed in each diary block. The most common settings are 15 or 30 minutes. Your appointments are not limited by the size of the block and you can edit the start or end time of an individual appointment to start or finish at any time.

Calendar Time Block Size

Select the display size of each calendar block.

Show Client Account Balance on Diary

When selected a red dollar sign ($) displays on any appointments for clients that have an outstanding account with you. This provides a visual reminder that the client needs to make a payment. This will only consider past dated invoices, or invoices for appointments that have been delivered (ie the appointment is in the past).

Client Name on Separate Line

When selected the client name will always display on its own line in each appointment and the appointment start and end time will display on the second line. This makes the appointment details easier to read and is the preferred option for accounts with lower numbers of diaries. If however, you have more than eight diaries displaying at once the appointment columns are narrowed and it becomes important to maximise the use of space in each appointment. By unticking this option the appointment information will flow from one line to the next without forcing the client onto a separate line. This allows more information to be displayed in the appointment.

Show Vertical Scroll Bar

This setting is used for when the calendar takes up more room than can be displayed in the one view. Instead of having to scroll down on the actual page, you can use this setting to use the scroll bar on the calendar. You can then scroll up or down to view different times on the calendar without having to scroll the whole page up or down.

Show Calendar Names as a Dropdown List

By default, the diary names are displayed as a name with a thumbnail image horizontally across the top of the diary. If 'Show Calendar Names as a Dropdown List' is selected the diaries names are simply displayed as a drop-down list at the top of the diary.

Confirm Appointment Moves

If activated, this setting will produce a prompt to confirm an appointment move any time that the appointment is dragged into a new time or date. Can be useful for when using Power Diary on a touch device to avoid accidentally moving appointments.

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