Welcome to a new Session Notes experience (8th June 2018)

We're constantly listening to your feedback and adding new features to Power Diary. With this in mind, we are excited to announce the early access to our overhauled session note features! 

The early access release means that you can try the new note functionalities and provide us with feedback while still being able to use the old session notes if you desire.

The new notes are broken down into two key parts: note templates and note writing. Note templates can be accessed and managed via Tools > Note Templates while the new note writing interface can be accessed via a client's record through Records > Notes (New Version!)

The new notes page under the client's record includes a layout and interface upgrade to cater for the new note templates. This comes with new auto-save functionality, note duplication (cloning) and more.

The new note interface:

So, what's new with this update? The biggest addition is the introduction of note templates - this will allow you to create and customise note templates that you can reuse, saving you time. The note templates are made up of sections and fields, some of these fields include text fields, drop-down boxes, check boxes and even a new drawing functionality

The new template fields: 


Key features put simply:

  • The ability to easily read your existing notes while writing new notes,
  • The capacity to clone (copy) an existing note as a base for a new note.
  • Note templating feature with new fields (body charts and drawing, checkboxes, drop-downs).
  • Autosaving! Notes will now save automatically after some changes are made.

Power Diary wouldn't be what it is today without the valuable insights and input from our users.  Check out the new Notes system and if you have any feedback we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch!

- Harry, on behalf of the Power Diary Team

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