Welcome to the new Appointment Panel

We've released a completely new Appointment Panel

It's live in your account so you can try it right now.  

The new Appointment Panel allows you to see and do more without needing to change screens.  We've also updated the look and feel of the panel to better match the rest of Power Diary.

The Appointment Panel is one of most used areas of Power Diary, so whilst we've made this live in your account, for the next few weeks you'll be able to swap between the new and old format.  

Here's a quick run down of what's new:  

See all Future or Past Appointments

Checking a client's past or future appointments used to be clunky, and was limited in that the panel would only show one previous and one future appointment at a time.

The new Appointment Panel uses a slide-out appointment history box which allows you to scroll through all past and future appointments. 

Quicker Access to Commonly used Functions

In order to optimise the use of space, reduce the need to scroll, and provide faster access to key functions, we've removed the 'Actions' section that used to sit at the bottom of the panel.  Instead you'll now find these functions be be directly accessed from the relevant areas on the panel.

You can now send reminders, notify providers and toggle appointment warnings from the expandable menu in the Appointment Details section.

Editing, printing and emailing invoices is also easier with each of these options now being available be clicking on the icons in the Invoice section.


Add Multiple Services and Payments!

You can now add multiple Services and Payments to invoices directly from the Appointment Panel! You no loinger have to visit the 'Edit Invoice' page to add split or part payments, or add additional services.



We hope you enjoy even faster appointment management with the new Appointment Panel.  If you have any questions, comments or feedback we'd love to hear from you.