Update to the Tools area (1st Sept 2017)

Hi there!

We have released an update to the Tools and Communication areas of Power Diary. This is part of our ongoing rollout of Power Diary's new design which you can read more about here. This update also includes the release of our new integration with MailChimp!

Here is a summary of what you'll notice - 

Update to 'Tools'

The Tools menu has been segmented to better define individual Communication functions and now looks like this -

A video demonstration of how to add clients in Power Diary.


This new submenu now houses- 

        Templates: Create or edit email, letter or SMS templates for use across your account

        Bulk Send: Send bulk emails or SMS to your Clients, Referrers or Third Parties 

        MailChimp:  Export email addresses to your MailChimp

Log File:

This was previously updated to the new design so there are no changes

Export To Xero:

Interface has been updated to the new design.

Database Export:

Interface has been updated to the new design.


The Interface has been updated to the new design and reports (including the Medicare dashboard) can now be exported to Excel and PDF

Communication Setup

'Communication' is a new menu item under Setup > Configuration > Communication. This is where you will now find most Communication related settings including text message forwarding, MailChimp integration setup, and email server settings (if applicable).

Do I need to do anything?

There is nothing you need to do right now as a result of this update.   It is worth noting however that we have separated the 'Email / Letter' type into separate types: 'Email' and 'Letter'. This is in preparation for some enhanced communication features we have in the pipeline.  All existing 'Email/Letter' templates have been updated to 'Email'. Whilst this won't have any immediate effect on generating letters (you are currently still able to generate letters from email templates) we recommend that you review your templates (Tools > Communication > Templates) and update your templates to the corrrect type. 

Have any questions? Suggestions? Let us know - we'd love to hear from you! Get in touch.