Update to the Setup areas (Released 14th April, 2017)

As part of our rollout of Power Diary's redesign we have now updated the Setup areas.  The updated design refines the Setup menu and gives each page a clearer layout and purpose.  Here is a summary of what you'll notice:


Rearranged and simplified menu items:

A new 'Configuration' menu replaces the old 'General' menu and now contains more specific submenu items as shown below.  We've also added 'Session Packs' to the main menu to make it easy to find, and renamed Lists to 'Custom Lists' to better indicate it's flexibility.

User friendly Submenus:

Areas that have more configuration options have been simplified through the use of submenus.  This concept has been applied to the Diaries, Roster, Custom Lists, Client Portal and Subscription areas.

The clip below shows an example from the Diaries configuration area.  You can see it now has its own submenu which breaks the diary Setup into 'Details', 'Settings', 'Insurers', 'Available Services' and 'Google Sync'.

Cleaner, Fresher Page Layouts

You'll notice each Setup page now has a cleaner and fresher look.  You can check these out by browsing through the Setup menu items in your account but here are a few examples-


Business Information:


Diary setup:


Roster setup:

Editing a service:


Custom Lists:


We hope you enjoy these updates. If you have any questions please contact us and we'll be happy to help.


Kind regards,

The Power Diary Team.